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Helen Cadwell Long

(b. 1834)

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At a Glance

Helen Caldwell Long was the granddaughter of Dr. James Webb of Hillsborough, NC, who encouraged Mrs. Burwell (Anna Robertson Burwell ) to open a school and underwrote the construction of the Brick House which housed the school when it opened in August 1837 and still stands today. Helen's aunt, Mary Webb , was officially the Burwell School's first student [1].


Helen Caldwell Long was the daughter of Dr. Osmond Fitz Long and Frances Helen Webb. Helen's maternal grandparents were Dr. James Webb and Annie Annie Alves Huske Webb of Hillsborough, NC. Soon after the Burwell family's arrival in Hillsborough, NC in December of 1835, Dr. James Webb approached and encouraged Mrs. Burwell (Anna Robertson Burwell ) to open a school. Dr. James Webb donated the bricks for the construction of the School House, and his daughter, Mary Webb , was officially the Burwell's first student.

Helen followed in the footsteps of many Burwell graduates and became a teacher. She never married and lived with her mother, Frances Helen Webb, well into the late nineteenth century. Helen's sister Margaret Taylor Long , also attended the Burwell School [1].

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Helen Cadwell Long was born in 1834, in Hillsborough, NC.

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