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Josephine Berry


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At a Glance

Josephine Berry was the daughter of self-taught architect, mason and politician Capt. John Berry. She was the third child of Capt. Berry and his wife Elizabeth Ann Vincent [1].

<i>The Vine Gatherer's Daughter</i>
The Vine Gatherer's Daughter
From the private collection of Mr. Kenneth L. Kimmins


Josephine was extremely talented in both music and art, especially the latter. She was the first of three Berry daughters to attend the Burwell School. Capt. John Berry, however, took note of his daughter's talent and sent her to a design school in New York.

Josephine married Dr. Daniel Archibald Montgomery of Alamance County, NC who was listed as a patron of the school in the Burwell School Catalogue of 1848-51 [2]. Moreover, Dr. Montgomery was the brother of a peer student of Josephine's: Barbara Maria Montgomery . Daniel and Josephine had seven children [1].

Biographical Data

Important Dates

Josephine Berry was born in 1833, in Hillsborough, NC. She died in 1912.

Places of Residence

  • Hillsborough, NC, from 1833. Josephine Berry grew up and attended school in Hillsborough, NC [1].
  • New York. Josephine was sent north to a school of design in New York by her father Capt. John Berry who is said to have recognized her marked artistic talent [1].

Schools Attended



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