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Annie Holt

(d. 1918)

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At a Glance

Annie Holt of Alamance County, NC was the first child of Anne Webb and Michael William Holt [1].


Although there is no official record of Annie Holt's student years at the Burwell School, her name was entered in the Burwell School Catalogue of 1848-51 [2]. Her time there may have been cruelly interrupted, however, by the death of both her mother, Anne Webb, and her ten-month-old baby sister, Mary Jane Holt, on the same day, August 28, 1850. The tragedy may have ended Annie Holt's stay at the school.

Annie, her sister Sallie Holt, and her brother William Michael Holt all became wards of William John Long of Randolph County, NC, the husband of their aunt, Mary Webb . It is not entirely clear, however, whether or not the stay at the Long plantation was permanent.

Webb family accounts of Annie Holt's wedding differ as to the first name of her groom. Mary Alves Long, a cousin, gives an eye-witness account of the wedding in her book High Time to Tell It . She was only  "about four"  years old at the time:

"About the first of my memories was Cousin Annie Holt's wedding to her first cousin, Isaac Foust, which took place when I was about four. Still remembered are the cakes on the table, the bridal pair standing up together and Lena Foust in a white dress with a pink sash--and Mother calling me and Mary Shepherd a few days later to give us the last of the wedding cake."

Annie Holt's father died before her marriage.

A Webb genealogy, Our Webb Kin of Dixie, by W. J. Webb, states that Annie Holt married William H. Foust of Randolph County, NC in 1867. The book also records that the couple had four children.

Although the accounts differ as to when and who Annie Holt married, accounts generally agree that it was sometime in the 1860s and that the groom's surname was Foust [1].

Biographical Data

Important Dates

Annie died in 1918.

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