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Annie Ruffin Kirkland


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At a Glance

In an 1856 letter from James F. Cain to Minerva Caldwell, Cain described Annie Ruffin Kirkland as  "beautiful, clever, a nice young lady, most admired of all the ladies." [1]


The beautiful, clever, admired Annie was married to Halbert G. Hill in 1865, when he arrived in Hillsborough, NC as pastor of the Hillsborough Presbyterian Church in Hillsborough, NC. Hill was described as having a magnanimous disposition, winning smile and infectious laughteró able to share the joys and sorrows of common man though himself richly endowed by nature. A widower, he had lost his first wife, Annie Wharey and daughter before coming to Hillsborough, NC from Virginia. In 1867--68 while Halbert was in Oxford, NC and as a part of his job as Presbyterian minister also in charge of Oxford Female Seminary, Annie could have been of help at the school. More research may establish a role for her there. A biography of Hill stated he and Annie Kirkland had three children, one who died in infancy and two who lived to maturity: John Kirkland Hill and Halbert G. Hill, [Jr.]. The United States Census of 1870 [2] listed Halbert, Annie and their son John Kirkland Hill, less than a year old, living in Cross Creek, NC where Hill was minister. The United States Census of 1880 [3] listed one child, John Kirkland Hill, as ten years old and living with his father and stepmother in Fayetteville, NC, and the other child, Halbert G. Hill, [Jr.], or  "Albert"  as six years old and living with his aunt and uncle John Kirkland at Ayr Mount in Hillsborough, NC. Halbert G. Hill married his third wife, Kate Sheppard, in 1879. Based on this information, Annie died between 1874 when Albert was born and 1879 when the third marriage took place. She is likely buried in Cross Creek, NC [1] [2] [3].

Biographical Data

Important Dates

Annie Ruffin Kirkland was born on July 25, 1835, in Hillsborough, NC. She died the c. late 1870s.

Places of Residence

Schools Attended



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