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Martha Ann Webb


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At a Glance

Martha lost both parents within two years and attended the Burwell School shortly thereafter.


Martha's mother died in 1844 when Martha was around 10 years old and her father (who had remarried in 1845) died in 1846 when she was around 12 years old. It is not clear who raised her and thus who made the decision that she would attend the Burwell School.

Martha married William Presley Webb on December 1, 1852. They had three children, one of whom died young.

After Martha died in 1860, William Presley Webb married Emma Camilla Hayes of Louisburg, NC. They moved to Mecklenburg County, VA, VA and had 7 children. One of their daughters, Camilla Webb, married Joseph Davis. Camilla Webb Davis was one of the compilers of Our Webb Kin of Dixie [1], contributing information on the Smiths of Abram's Plains Plantation in Granville County, NC in Granville County, NC.

Martha Ann Webb was originally buried with other family members in the John Webb Family Graveyard in Granville County, NC, near Oak Hill, NC. Tombstones and a shovel of dirt from each grave were moved to Oak Hill Presbyterian Church Graveyard in Oak Hill, NC (source: Granville County, NC historians at the Richard H. Thornton Library in Oxford, NC).

Several important questions remain with regard to Martha Ann Webb. These are:

1) Where did she spend her early life? Indications are that she lived in Person County, NC; her father purchased his father's plantation.

2) Who was responsible for her following the early deaths of her parents? Did that prompt a move to Granville County, NC?

3) Who made the decision to send her to the Burwell School?

4) She died within a month or two of the death of her youngest child. Were the deaths connected in some way, e.g., was there a outbreak of disease that took them both? [1]

Biographical Data

Martha was called Mat.
She was also called Amy.

Important Dates

Martha Ann Webb was born in July of 1834 [2]. She died on October 1, 1860, and was buried in Oak Hill Presbyterian Church Graveyard in Oak Hill, NC. The Leisure Hour [3] also records Martha's death on October 1, 1860 in an obituary ran on October 18, 1860 [2].

Places of Residence

Schools Attended



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